Marketing Concepts and Techniques Challenged

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The major marketing concept of customer orientation still seems to be a valid reference point. In the contemporary over-informed, over-stressed and hedonistic consumer society the customer is the one who decides to purchase a product, to be loyal to a brand or to switch to a competitor. We may agree, therefore, that “the need for such a [customer] focus has not changed” (Holland and Baker, 2001:44). The exchange value concept, however, might have been rendered obsolete by the “postmodern manoeuvre in marketing and consumer research” (Brown, in Baker, 2003:25). Let us assume that value may be created “during consumption, in sign-value” and not in “exchange-value, as modern economists claimed” (Baudrillard, in Firat and Venkatesh, 1993:235). In such a way the emphasis is on the customer’s personal experience and on the view, that “the value of consumption comes from the consumer experience” (Addis and Podesta, 2005:404).

According to the traditional theory, consumers are identified, targeted and acquired through a set of strategic tools such as segmentation, targeting and positioning. Different techniques and approaches based on statistical, “psychological, sociological, and economic principles and models” (Addis and Podesta, 2005:389) have been employed in service of these concepts. While these techniques are still in use, a number of processes and mainly the fragmentation of markets will gradually render the traditional bases of segmentation (demographics and psychographics) questionable and “even the more recent typologies” like VALS will be “less and less useful” (Firat and Shultz II, 1997:196 but also creazione siti web Lazio e Roma, a web agency in Italy).

Additional challenges faced by marketing research specialists poses the fact that “within the field of qualitative research it is widely recognised that there is no single uniform manner for representing consumer experiences” in postmodern, consumer society (Goulding, 2003:152). The typical roles of researcher and respondent have also changed and the research process is characterised by increased collaboration. Furthermore, the Internet demands that researchers adjust to the new forms of communication by adopting new methods such as “lurking”, “online community”, “netnography” and others (Cova and Pace, 2006:1092).

Different marketing concepts

As a result, in today’s fragmented markets reality where “segments are breaking up into individual customers” (Firat and Shultz II, 1997:196), “the modern tools of sociological analysis” become outdated (Cova 1996:19). While quantitative research is still widely in use, an array of qualitative techniques are been preferred to “fill the gap” in the knowledge about the postmodern consumer. Among the most frequently mentioned are ethnography, fiction, discourse analysis, personal introspection, and in-depth interviewing (Addis and Podesta, 2005:406).
Since purchases, branding and communications are all moving online, scholars have begun defining the Internet Marketing Segmentation (IMS). One such definition follows:
“IMS is the use of current information technology to classify potential or actual online customers into groups in which the consumers have similar requirements and characteristics” (Lin et al., 2004:602).

Definitions of that sort, alluring as they may look, are simply old concepts in new clothes and some make-up. More important is that new approaches like online ethnography, or netnography are being increasingly used as appropriate research methods (Cova and Pace, 2006; Maclaran and Catterall, 2002). Companies would need to resort to guerrilla tactics and employ people proficient in areas such as online community engineering. Phenomena like brand hijack (Cova and Pace, 2006:1094) and decisions on how much power should be given to consumers will eventually speed up the trends that shape contemporary research.

The marketing communication concepts of mass marketing and mass advertising have also been a subject to considerable revision. The so-called mass customisation has been boosted by the use of email marketing, database marketing, RSS and others. The processes of fragmentation and post-consolidation have given birth to new concepts like tribal marketing (Cova, 1996:21). Mass advertising and the one-to-many, one-way linear communications have given way to one-to-one, many-to-many, two-way, non-linear communication flow (Holt, 2002; Maclaran and Catterall, 2002). The Internet has brought also the idea of suck as opposed to the traditional push and pull (Travis, 2001:16). The levels of interactivity have changed “the nature of advertising from persuasion to relationships” (Philport and Arbittier, 1997:75) and the efficacy of advertising itself has been questioned. The title of the article “Stop Advertising – Start Staging Marketing Experiences” by Pine II and Gilmore (Strategic Horizons LLP, accessed 10th January 2009) is self-explanatory.
Schmitt (1999:53) argues that three trends in the broad commercial environment have caused a paradigm shift from traditional “features-and-benefits” marketing toward “experiential marketing”:

  • The omnipresence of information technology;
  • The supremacy of the brand;
  • The ubiquity of communications and entertainment.

While agreeing with Schmitt’s ideas I would also add to the frame the influence of postmodern consumer behaviour. Therefore, reference points for future research are:

  • Postmodern condition;
  • Experiential marketing;
  • Internet as a new branding tool;
  • Customer-based brand equity.

Tips on how to Make Further Money using Facebook

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Just as you thought Facebook could not get any bigger? It is! Even today the buzzword is still Facebook. What other social media website is as popular as Facebook is at this time? Nobody need feel anonymous today due to the fact Facebook will give you an international identity that would certainly have been completely unthinkable two decades ago. About this, we can analize a very accurate research about pompe funebri a Roma, a italian business agency work last years in this sector. Just like any fantastic idea, marketing folk are milking it for all it’s worth, or at least are simply getting on board with the idea. They’re realizing that Facebook is a great traffic driving tool they can work with to there advantage, to make there web pages much more cost-effective.

But don’t think only online marketers can implement the advantages of more traffic. With just 10 minutes per day, you as well can certainly tap into the huge potential that Facebook provides.

Since Facebook is really a web page, therefore Advertisements or Social Ads may be placed on it. Just like any search engine page, targeted traffic will be driven to it. Yet unlike the various search engines, picking the area of the world you’d most want your traffic from, is a lot simpler.

Your profile page can be a awesome resource for attracting plenty of people to your sites. this is done by positioning links through your profile page to your web sites.

Viral Marketing and advertising has really come into it’s own is now become the choice of many marketers throughout the world to attract business. Fundamentally to make this happen you’ll need friends or should i say make a lot more friends. Next all you’ve got to do is create a blog and put content on it that Google will like. This last point is vital to understand, because if you’re blog isn’t optimized for the search engines, then you’re wasting you’re time.

But in reality, to make facebook meet your needs Business Management Articles, it is necessary to follow the guidelines lay down ed down when you first join. Joining the community is your only certain way of exploiting the full potential that Facebook is providing.

Facebook Advertising: What to Count on Inside Fb

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Hi, today I want to quote an article that I read long time ago.

This is an article that made me start thinking at social media marketing, at the time I started promoting a great fluid bed dryer manufacturer company, first I did it via ordinary marketing then this article is what made me decide to start promoting my clients on social networks.

Here is the article of almost 10 years ago:

Prior to now, Facebook was just a college photo and profile sharing device that was solely out there for faculty students with a .edu email. Nevertheless, because of its reputation, Fb is now a worldwide social networking web site that is made available to anyone who has a sound e mail address. Which means wherever you might be and whichever school you go to, you will be able to hitch this very large social networking web site as long as you have a legitimate e-mail address.

The latest news in Facebook is it now launched its Spanish translation version of Facebook. Which means more people will be able to join Fb, significantly Latin-talking countries. You have to take into account the truth that over 60 % of Facebook customers are outside the United States and most people becoming a member of Facebook lives in international locations where English shouldn’t be the first language.

Thanks to the Spanish model of Facebook, extra folks will be able to be part of this very giant social networking website. With extra people, it can mean more potential consumers. If you’re an web marketer otherwise you own a small business, you may need to strive Fb as a web site that you need to market on. With over 64 million customers, you will note that Facebook is certainly a market that is laborious to cross up.

In Fb, you will notice that it’s going to have already got the numbers. What this implies is that it already has the site visitors you need. You don’t truly have to generate extra traffic as Fb is now thought-about to be self sufficient. With hundreds of thousands of individuals logging out and in every single day and tens of 1000’s extra are subscribing, you’ll be able to be sure that you will be able to get the visitors it’s worthwhile to market your services and products effectively.

Fb can even be capable of provide the advertising and marketing instruments it’s essential to effectively market your merchandise or services. It has blogs, functions, and it’ll also help you create groups. With these tools, it is possible for you to to attract focused visitors to your profile page and get them to go to what you are promoting website.

With the tools in Facebook, you’ll be able to ensure that it is possible for you to to get the correct of traffic from it and direct them to your website.

To begin, it’s possible you’ll want to create a complete profile. Then, attempt adding some purposes and add some photographs and movies in your profile page. You need to remember that it’s essential make your profile web page fascinating in an effort to attract people.

You additionally have to build a community of friends. If you have already got friends that you know who uses Fb, strive including them and try to browse their network. Additionally, you might want to try becoming a member of groups with a specific interest. For instance, in case you have a business that sells pet merchandise, you could wish to join groups which can be into pets.

If you have a blog web site that discusses a selected matter or subject that is related to the products or services you’re promoting, it’s possible you’ll need to syndicate it on Fb using RSS. It will enable other members to learn your blogs.

These are the issues that it’s worthwhile to keep in mind about Facebook. As you’ll be able to see, Fb will have the ability to offer you what you want with a purpose to market effectively on the internet. It has the visitors and instruments and all it’s essential do is use it.

How to drive traffic to your website with Google Ads

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Any web site owner or administrator acknowledges the significance of driving site visitors to a website. The success of any website does not rely entirely on the site itself say Christopher Bassi web manager at a brake pads manufacturer company. You might have a terrific thought for a website, offer a wonderful services or products, or have an exceptionally designed web site with excellent content, but when you do not use the best strategies to advertise, your website wouldn’t appeal to the excessive visitors you need.

Attracting focused site visitors is a process that needs to be taken severely for any website to succeed or make a profit. Luckily, there are internet-advertising and marketing tools that help the web marketer to drive visitors to his website.

One of the important, and efficient, of these tools is Google’s Ads. Google Ads is the most famous Google’s promoting services.

How does Google Ads work?

Google is the largest search engine on the net receiving over 200 million queries every day through its various services. As Google is the most well-liked search engine today, site owners are keen on having their web sites achieve the next rating within the search engine results it provides.

A great ranking can mean high traffic for that website. The search engine outcomes page can be an ideal venue for advertisers to advertise a services or products by way of adverts and links.

Consequently, Google launched its Google Ads service (Previously Adwords), as a way for companies to promote services and products to a targeted audience.

Google Ads can assure instant traffic. In this service, Google shows related textual content primarily based advertisements within its search engine outcomes web page termed as “Sponsored Hyperlinks”.

At any time when a particular keyword is searched on, these related hyperlinks seem in a separate part giving wonderful exposure to the sites listed.

How do you use Google Ads? First, it’s a must to open an account with the Google Service. Then, you should indicate your goal language and country.

That is essential as you would not need your products advertised in international locations where your services or products can’t be sold.

Afterwards, you must now create an ads group. This involves designing the ad, deciding on key phrases and determining maximum value per click on that you’re prepared to spend and defining bid amounts.

The most important step in creating a profitable Google Ads campaign is deciding on an efficient title tag that may catch the attention of your goal audience.

The title tag, typically a short phrase, is an important part of your Ads campaign so be sure to make it engaging and catchy.

You need to describe the website clearly and accurately. The simplest promoting conveys a transparent message to the goal audience. With a transparent message, you may be attracting qualified leads, which may finally convert to sale. Thus, the importance of selecting the best keywords cannot be overemphasized.

There are key phrase variations you may adapt to reach extra prospects. Using these varieties, misspellings and derivatives might help increase the possibility of your ads being served. Broad match is targeting key phrases in a loosely outlined manner.

Here, the advertisements seem primarily based on the key phrases which were queried by different users versus actual match, which requires the keyword to match the query exactly.

Instead a key phrase phrase set to phrase match will only be triggered when the precise phrase is searched on. A detrimental keyword is useful in filtering unrelated pages.

After you’ve selected what title tag to make use of in your advert, you need to now outline a finances so as to maximize exposure.

Google Ads suggest the each day funds for every campaign. Nonetheless, you must determine a price range that is appropriate and affordable. You should also determine the maximum value per click.

Google will provide a really useful cost per click on, however you don’t have to stay with this. Usually, a number one place is not ultimate as it will possibly also appeal to unwanted visitors and useless clicks. A quantity two place is more most well-liked as it could actually filter ineffective clicks and supply site visitors with a higher conversion rate.

To conclude, Google Ads is a wonderful strategy and tool in giving your site maximum exposure. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be your sole promoting campaign.

Using it you can understand what are the keyword that are bringing you more traffic and this is going to positively allow you to discover the all-important, highly focused traffic you need.

4 Essential Instruments You Want To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer

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Affiliate internet marketing is one probably the most powerful and easy methods by which you’ll earn cash online. To reach affiliate marketing on the internet, you’ll need a number of instruments that you should utilize to build your business.

  1. This text presents these key instruments and how they might help you to simply construct your online marketing business.1. A professionally designed website. A severe affiliate marketer is one who invests in constructing a website for advertising affiliate applications and products. That is professional and increases the credibility of your business. Instead of sending traffic to the product owner’s gross sales web page, you possibly can direct them via your personal website. By doing this, you can embody your own private suggestions of the merchandise in your web site, which is useful to people contemplating to buy. You may also gather the names and electronic mail deal with of people that go to tour web site and construct a listing of prospects.
  2.  Have a dependable internet hosting firm so that your website is running smoothly all of the time.
  3. An auto responder system. That is vital because not everyone who visits your website the place you market affiliate programs will purchase proper away. An auto responder helps you comply with up with these individuals, and will keep on reminding them about your web site and invite them to visit your site. You need to use an e-course or an e-zine with fascinating tips that will make your prospects wish to go to your website again. By doing this you are growing the chances of generating a sale from most people who go to your site.
  4. An advert monitoring system. If you want to make sales and earn affiliate commissions, you should drive site visitors to your website. Because of this you must be consistently promoting your web site utilizing various kinds of campaigns. It is vital that you track and assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and advertising tools that you simply use. This analysis will assist you choose the most effective campaign and invest extra money in it for even better results.

There are thousands different associates who’re advertising and marketing the identical merchandise like you. It is due to this fact essential that you just use the tools presented above so that your online business is skilled and efficient.

Fb Advertising and marketing: The Instruments To Attain Out To More Clients

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First of all, Fb is a social networking web site that was primarily designed for use for Ivy League faculty students. However, because of the interactive tools that it will probably offer, it’s now widely accessible for many individuals from completely different components of the world. Whichever faculty or school you go to and wherever you’re, you’ll now be capable of be a part of Facebook.

With Fb, you’ll now be capable to communicate with your pals in addition to make new friends. Nonetheless, the most effective thing about Facebook is probably its tools that you can use to market your business. Fb is now some of the widespread web sites today. With over sixty two million active members from all around the world and nonetheless rising, you will notice that this website is now somewhat of a large community.

You will notice different folks here from all walks of life.

With this figures, you will note that it’s going to have the potential in providing you a way to market your merchandise or services. It has tons of site visitors and loads of potential in providing your website with extra focused traffic.

It’s possible you’ll ask why Facebook grew to become one of the best locations to market on the internet. Principally, Fb is different from other social networking websites. Unlike different social networking web sites, you will note that Facebook will have the ability to offer you totally different sorts of useful applications or instruments that you should utilize to market your merchandise or services. The purposes on Facebook will let you market your services or products much more effectively than the out there tools in most social networking websites.

By adding purposes in your Facebook web page, corresponding to games, teams, and quizzes, it is possible for you to to get folks to view your Fb page and aid you market your merchandise or services. The very best factor concerning the utility is that it is free.

Facebook is definitely a great place within the web to market in. With the power to drive focused visitors to your website, you’ll be able to be sure that it is possible for you to to have numerous fun marketing your products. You need to contemplate the truth that Fb is about networking. If a particular particular person in your folks record loved your merchandise, they will most certainly tell their buddies of their Fb associates checklist concerning the product and encourage them to purchase from you.

That is how Fb advertising mainly works. You will be stunned as to how many people will probably be quite involved in what you need to offer. You have to remember that targeted site visitors is the important thing to web marketing. If you’re advertising your services or products in Facebook, you’ll be able to ensure that it is possible for you to to get a whole lot of targeted site visitors in your enterprise website.

So, the next time you intend on advertising and marketing on the web, you might wish to join Facebook. It is free, it is easy, and it’s plenty of fun. With Facebook, you’ll really have nice time advertising and also profit from it at the similar time.

With Fb, web advertising is easier and quite a bit cheaper than ever before. Remember these things and you will be able to see how much potential Facebook will be capable of present what you are promoting with.

How Google Uses Latent Semantic Indexing


Most individuals who’ve used the Internet, and even know what it is know what Google is. However most people don’t know what exactly it’s that Google does.

To learn more, read here indicizzare sito Google.

Or quite what makes Google do what it does. Google searches are capable of be so accurate because of Latent Semantic Indexing.Latent Semantic Indexing allows a search engine to decide what a page is about by searching for one or extra key phrases selected by the user.

It adds an important step to the document index process. LSI records key phrases that a doc accommodates as well as examines the document assortment as a whole.

By putting significance on associated words, or words in related positions, LSA has a internet effect of making the worth of pages lower so that they only match particular terms.

Search engines like google such as Google attempt to determine phrase relationships when they are processing keyword queries, which in turn enhance the rankings of pages with associated phrases.

This occurs even when these pages usually are not targeted on the target theme. Some pages are too targeted on one phrase they usually are inclined to rank worse than you’d count on them to.

In truth, some are even filtered out for being too over optimized. Pages which can be focused on a wider web of related key phrases are likely to have extra stable rankings.

Although the LSI algorithm doesn’’t perceive anything about what the phrases imply, the patterns it notices make the search engine look extraordinarily intelligent.